12:00 - 12:45


Rob Akershoek
Chair IT4IT Forum
The Open Group / Fruition Partners
The Netherlands
For All


Rob Akershoek is senior DevOps architect at Fruition Partners and chair of the IT4IT Forum within The Open Group. He is involved in developing the IT4IT standard providing a DevOps blueprint for managing the new digital ecosystem.
His work is focused around designing, implement and automating the end-to-end DevOps tool chains enabling an organization to deliver faster with better quality at lower costs. He helps IT organizations to transform and become a more lean and agile service provider, ready to manage the hybrid cloud environment provided by a multi-vendor sourcing landscape (e.g. Azure, AWS and VMWare). He is architecting the new IT delivery value streams combining practices such as (Scaled) Agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Design Thinking, Security & Risk Management with established IT service management methodologies (ITIL).
He assists IT organizations in their IT transformation and IT automation journey. He helps organizations to build a future proof IT operating model covering portfolio management, CI/CD pipeline, test management, monitoring and event management, risk and security management, ITSM, CMDB, cloud orchestration, and so on. He helps organizations to leverage new IT management technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (e.g. AIOps), ChatBots, Operational data analytics and Self-service portals. Rob Akershoek is author of numerous articles and author the IT4IT management guide (managing the business of IT).

SPEECH: The Blueprint of a DevOps Tool Chain

Many organizations are transforming their way of working (leveraging Agile development and DevOps) as well as implementing and integrating dozens of IT management tools. However, many organizations still lack a solid vision and architecture of their target IT automation toolchain supporting their DevOps journey.
This presentation discusses how to create an holistic DevOps automation blueprint based upon The Open Group IT4IT reference architecture - creating a complete picture of a digital operating model based upon DevOps (as well as combined with other practices such as Scaled Agile Framework, IT service management, risk and security management).
The IT4IT DevOps blueprint can be used to kickstart your own DevOps automation strategy. It provides a reference model covering all capabilities, tools, data and integrations you need to streamline and automate end-to-end IT value streams. A DevOps blueprint goes far beyond a standard CI/CD pipeline. The standard covers all the building blocks (and integrations) you need to manage the new digital enterprise such as managing the product portfolio, portfolio backlog, enterprise architecture, product/team backlogs, CI/CD pipeline, test management, infrastructure provisioning, monitoring and event management, collaboration & communication, cloud management, IT financial management, CMDB, IT service management, risk, compliance and security, chatops, and many more. For the first time a complete holistic picture is provided defining what is needed to enable a DevOps operating model – supported by an integrated tool chain anchored by a common data model.
This presentation also covers how to combine DevOps with traditional IT service management processes (e.g. change management. CMDB) as well as risk, compliance and security management practices. Also answering the question: how to combine DevOps practices with ITIL and security management practices.